Virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including but not limited to a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. The usual goal of virtualization is to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and workloads.

Our desktop virtualization using VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Box View already offers tremendous benefits by moving desktops and applications into the cloud and delivering them as a managed service. IT administration is more automated and efficient, security is improved, the total cost of desktop ownership can be reduced and increases efficiency in your data center by enabling today’s x86 servers to run multiple operating systems and applications.

The solution we provide enables any business to build an on-demand call center from scratch in a virtual desktop environment.

Virtualization continues to demonstrate additional tangible benefits the more it’s used, broadening its value to the enterprise at each step. It’s easier to move things around, to encapsulate, to archive and to optimize once you are in a virtualized environment.

Realize the many benefits of Virtualization today

  • Leverage infrastructure consolidation and desktop virtualization to deliver instant call center architecture.
  • Provide service level agreements (SLA) required for desktop and VoIP availability.
  • Ease technology acquisition budgets among enterprises and service providers as the global economy recovers from the recent downturn.

Call center infrastructure needs equipment, software, and services to operate call centers for basic telephony and multi-channel support. Solutions have traditionally been hardware-centric, but now we shipped it as software that the customer can run on properly configured commercial, off-the-shelf servers. We are also providing “live migration” capabilities that make a network administrator’s life easier and more productive.

We also have service plans to keep you covered and prices for any budget. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you through chat with one of our live agents.

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