We believe in supporting every type of business along with individuals in their technology needs with our software solutions. Our software solutions are fueled by expertise, whether it is business expertise, industry expertise or systems expertise and we can help you achieve real results. 

Email Software

We offer an easy to read email software and keeps all the necessary tools intact. We provide storage of e-mail messages for users who are using the internet from their usual location. Instead of the e-mail being downloaded to the computer you are checking your e-mail account from, the messages will stay on the provider's server, allowing you access to all e-mail messages regardless of what system or ISP you are connected to the internet with. 

Live Chat Software

Adding Live Chat to your business website allows you to decrease customer service response time and increase customer satisfaction. We can offer you a Live Chat widget-script that will appear on your site, Live Chat agents that will take care of your customers, ticketing system with integrated email services, file transfer and security, geo location, intensive reporting, Live Chat archiving and visitor notification. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Enjoy our in-house VOIP services by having more than one external trunk covering the globe, and more than one communication server to provide high availability, fault tolerance, load balancing, and a continuous call operation facility.  Everything we offer is facing the internet through our UTM firewalls and load balanced leased lines for best jitters and latency. By migrating to this technology, telephone networks immediately gain the ability to communicate the way computers do.