Commercial, industrial, recreational, and institutional establishments choose to outsource their CCTV Monitoring and intruder detection to our highly trained agents. Our in house team can monitor multiple locations anywhere in the world, and we help our clients save money in the process. We can monitor in real time and determine if the system has been activated by a customer, staff, deliveries or a criminal attack. Our operators have the ability to pan, zoom and tilt the cameras unless all cameras are static to get an accurate picture of the disturbance. 

Our operators will make a rapid assessment of the situation and take appropriate action, following your predetermined instructions along with notifying the police, false alarms are eliminated as all system activations are verified. Our systems will allow us to use our intelligent and trained monitoring experts and effective tools to prevent any security breach. Our safety mechanisms are built to lessen your exposure to any criminal or fraudulent activity, both internally and externally. Our methodology also ensures that operators comply with safety and security regulations. 

Our remote CCTV monitoring services offer a complete range of managed surveillance services, from monitoring CCTV and access control to lone worker protection and asset tracking; facilities management and buildings management systems; and security helpdesk provision with full control room functionality, we can help you monitor and – importantly – act quickly. 

In the highly unlikely event that there is an unexpected breach of security or safety protocols, you can expect a detailed report of the occurrence, the measures that were taken to prevent the activity and the reason why the incident was not preventable. In any event, you will be informed of irregularities and the authorities will be alerted to intervene when necessary. Remote monitoring has far reaching capabilities from simple camera systems to communications solutions through Internet Protocol (IP) technology. Contact us today for more information.